Seeking Participants: Older Adults’ Tech Access Survey

Older Adults’ Tech Access Survey
Posted on 04/18/2022
Older Adults’ Tech Access Survey

The Township of Montclair/Lifelong Montclair has partnered with Montclair State University (MSU) and Montclair Gateway to Aging in Place to develop a digital equity survey for Montclair’s senior citizens.

Ashley Ermer, Ph.D., assistant professor in the Family Science and Human Development Department at MSU is conducting the study.*

Are you above age 55 and interested in contributing to Montclair’s community knowledge about technology use?

The survey will take roughly 20 minutes to complete.

Participants can complete the survey online. Use the QR code below or access through the following website: ).

If you have any questions or concerns about participation, please contact Dr. Ashley Ermer ([email protected])

*This study has been approved by the Montclair State University Institutional Review Board, MSU IRB FY21-22 no. 2383.