Montclair to Have Cleaner, Cheaper Energy

Montclair Residents to Have Cleaner, Cheaper Energy
Posted on 05/07/2019
Montclair Residents to Have Cleaner, Cheaper Energy

The Sustainable Essex Alliance Energy Procurement Cooperative (SEAEPC) is pleased to announce that the cooperative’s energy consulting company, Gable Associates, identified the winning bidder for electricity generation service for residents of SEA municipalities – Montclair, Glen Ridge, Verona, Maplewood, and South Orange. Direct Energy, LLC offered the lowest bid for a 17-month power supply contract, which will translate to a more than 10% savings for electricity supply for all Montclair residents, compared to projected PSE&G prices. Direct Energy Services, LLC is one of the largest retail providers of electricity in North America.

The Montclair Office of Environmental Affairs has invited Jesse Castellanos and Bob Chilton of Gabel Associates to provide an information and question/answer session about the Sustainable Essex Alliance program and how it will affect Montclair energy customers. The presentation will take place Thursday, May 9, at 7:00 p.m., in the Municipal Building Council Chambers, 205 Claremont Avenue.

The presentation will also be live streamed on the Montclair TV34 YouTube Channel.

“Depending on usage, Montclair ratepayers could save approximately $150 over the life of the contract,” said Gabel Associates Vice President Bob Chilton. “If an estimated 12,000 township residential accounts participate in the plan, this will bring overall savings to around $1.8 million for this community.”

In addition to cost savings, township residents will have a much cleaner electricity supply, composed of at least double the amount of renewable energy required by the State and provided by PSE&G – this means a total renewable energy content of around 40% overall for Montclair.

“Increasing use of renewable power is one of the most important strategies for developing a more sustainable approach to how we choose and use our energy,” said Montclair Sustainability Officer Gray Russell. “In Montclair’s case, both cost savings and higher renewable content will be realized simultaneously.”

Direct Energy will also fund a package of residential energy efficiency outreach programs, helping to lower demand and utility bills even further – especially for low-income homeowners – increasing the cost savings for the community.

Participation in the SEAEPC program is always 100% optional, with no fees or penalties to opt out from the cheaper, cleaner electricity supply. All residents will receive an Opt-Out Notice by mail which will provide information about the various ways to opt out for any reason, at any time.

SEAEPC’s program will be the largest clean energy and cost-saving energy procurement cooperative in the state, establishing Montclair and the Sustainable Essex Alliance as model municipalities for achieving Sustainable Jersey’s green energy actions, and as leadership communities for initiating smart climate solutions in the state.

For more information, please contact Montclair Sustainability Officer Gray Russell or visit the SEA Energy Procurement Initiative page.