Animal Shelter

kitten on blanket The Montclair Township Animal Shelter (MTAS) is committed to providing assistance to the residents and animals of Montclair and our contracting communities.  Our goals include education, enforcement of state and local animal control regulations, animal rescue and rehabilitation, and matching our homeless cats and dogs with responsible and loving families.

MTAS has NJ State certified Animal Control Officers and Animal Cruelty investigators.  They respond to calls regarding animals who are lost or injured and are on call 24 hours a day to respond to companion animal emergencies.

For more information, please contact MTAS at 973-744-8600

For animal control issues please call the following numbers during hours indicated:

Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. call the Montclair Animal Shelter: 973-744-8600

For emergencies, weekends, holidays and after office hours call the Police Department: 973-744-1234

Public Hours: daily 12:00 to 4:00 p.m.

Also available by appointment during non-public hours. Please Call 973-744-8600.

Our mission:

  • To care for and protect abandoned, abused, neglected and unwanted animals in our community.
  • To promote animal welfare and owner responsibility through programs, education and services that mutually benefits animals and people.
  • To place adoptable animals in permanent homes.
  • To increase the adoptability of animals through behavior modification, training, socialization and environmental enrichment so that they stay in their adoptive homes.
Adopt a Cat

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Cell Phone:     Home Phone:     Work Phone: 

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I am a: Renter   Homeowner

How long have you lived at your present address? 

If applicable, Landlord’s Name:     Phone Number: 

How many adults are there in your household?

Do children live in your home/visit your home regularly? Yes   No

If yes, how many?     What are their ages?

Do you have any other animals in your household? Yes   No

If yes, what type/age?     How many?

Are they up to date on vaccinations? Yes   No

If no companion animals at the time, have you had animals in the past? Yes   No

Are animal allergies a concern with family or regular visitors? Yes   No

Is everyone in the household in favor of adopting this animal? Yes   No

Do you plan to declaw? Yes   No

The cat will be: Indoors Only   Outdoors   Outdoors/Indoors

Have you considered the costs of pet ownership and are you willing and able to provide the animal with the necessary care and medical support? Yes   No



Phone Number: 

OTHER ANIMAL CARE REFERENCES (not a family member):



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  • You are giving the Montclair Township Animal Shelter permission to use the information in this application to contact all references, veterinarians, and landlords listed.
  • You certify that the information you provided us on the form is accurate and truthful.
  • You understand that this is an application and does not guarantee that any particular companion animal will be adopted out to you and that the Montclair Township Animal Shelter has the right to deny applications if they feel the home is not a good match for an animal.

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