Parking Permits

Single Use Parking Permit
Visitors/guests/friends/family of Montclair residents who display this permit may park in a municipal parking lot marked ”Permit Parking Only” or in front of the resident's home until 8:00 a.m. the following morning. The single-use visitor parking permits may be purchased online and printed at home at a daily rate of $5.


Montclair Parking Utility rates are listed below:

Permits are now monthly, with the exception of High School.

All train station parking permits are now valid 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Permit holders will now be allowed to park overnight in all transit lots without needing to purchase an additional overnight permit.

Parking Permit Fees & Other Parking Fees
Location Permit Required Permit Fee
Bellevue Lot U-Non Train Station $50/month
Bellevue-Erie RR Lot U-Train Station $60/month
Bellevue-Lorraine Ext. Lot U-Train Station $60/month
Bellevue-Lorraine Lot U-Non Train Station $50/month
Fairfield Lot W-Non Train Station $50/month
Gates Avenue Lot C $50/month
Grove Street Lot G $50/month
Mountain Avenue/Laurel Place U $50/month
Lloyd Road L $50/month
Maple Parking Lot C $50/month
Midtown Parking Lot C $50/month
Montague Parking Lot C $50/month
Montclair Heights M $50/month
Plymouth Parking Lot C $50/month
Portland Parking Lot C $50/month
South Fullerton Parking Lot C $50/month
Upper Montclair Lot U-Non Train Station $50/month
Valley Road Lot C $50/month
Walnut Street Lot W-Train Station $60/month
Watchung Ext. Lot W-Non Tran Station $50/month
Watchung Lot W-Train Station $60/month
Parking Deck Permits
Bay Street Deck Bay Street Deck Permit $60/month, $7.00/day
Crescent Deck Crescent Deck Permit Day: $70/month, Night: $60/month 24-Hour: $130/month, $1.00/hour
Fullerton Deck FD, FN FD: $50/month
FN: $45/month
Fullerton Deck C $50/month
Other Permits
Multi-car permit (§230-10)   $3.00/month (excludes Bay Street and Crescent decks)
Night (§230-5) N $45/month
On-street permit parking for MHS Students (§228-4) HS Permit

Semester 1: Sept.-Jan.
Semester 2: Feb. - Jun.

Overnight Parking (§327-15) Overnight On-street Permit (S) See full list. $45/month
Replacement decal (§231-11B)   Free
Single Use Overnight Parking (§ 327-15) Single Use Permit $5.00/night
Temporary Overnight Parking Permit (§327-15.1) Construction Permit $75/month
Transfer of permit (§230-11A)   Free