Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Compost

Download the "Handy Guide to Recycling in Montclair"

recycle logoThe office of Environmental Affairs has created the Handy Guide to Recycling brochure for Montclair residents and businesses.

The Handy Guide brochure stresses the ease with which people can recycle a great deal of their household waste. We want to get as much information out as possible about what can be recycled and how, in order to save money, conserve energy and lower carbon emissions.

Download The Handy Guide to Recycling in Montclair.

Montclair Home Composting Program

hands holding fresh compost

The Township of Montclair supports backyard composting by providing free written information to residents on how to successfully compost leaves, grass clippings, yard trimmings, garden prunings and certain kitchen scraps.


Recycling - It Makes Environmental, Social and Economic Sense

Recycling is the law in Montclair, but just as important are the economic, environmental, and societal benefits. Read more...

How to Properly Dispose of Paint Cans

Paints and solvents can be some of the most dangerous products in your home.

EMPTY paint cans may be disposed of as refuse in Montclair. Removing the lid lets the refuse collector know that the can is empty. Never pour unused paint down your drain, down a storm drain, or in the trash.


Recycling Computers and Electronic Equipment in Montclair

old computers and monitorsMontclair has long been a leader as a recycler of electronic equipment, first providing computer and electronics recycling services back in 2001.

Following our path, more and more towns and counties have followed suit; in 2007 the New Jersey Electronic Waste Management Act was passed. The law now affects all Montclair residents: an outright prohibition on the disposal as waste (meaning as refuse, or garbage) of certain electronic equipment – including all televisions, computers, monitors, portable / laptop computers, and all computer components.


How To Properly Dispose of Batteries In Montclair

When discussing batteries, we’ll reduce confusion by specifying the difference between the two distinct categories: standard (or "household") alkaline batteries; and, rechargeable batteries.