MTAS: Be Sure to Leash Your Dog

MTAS: Be Sure to Leash Your Dog
Posted on 03/29/2021
MTAS: Be Sure to Leash Your Dog

Spring has finally arrived after a long winter and everyone is anxious to get outside to enjoy the weather. When heading out with your canine friends, remember that all dogs are required to be leashed by persons capable of controlling the dog when on public property, including all parks within the Township and the County.

No dogs should be walked off-leash and no playing ball with unleashed dogs in any Township or County park not designated as a "Dog Park.”

Looking to let your dog enjoy some good, untethered exercise? Try the Brookdale Dog Park for some off-leash time.

Remember: all dog poop must be immediately be removed and disposed of properly.

Now that more pets and their owners will be enjoying the outdoors, it is important to make sure that your pet's rabies vaccinations are kept up-to-date AND your pets are licensed in the Township as required by law.

82-13 Dogs at large prohibited.
No person owning or having the control, custody or possession of a dog shall permit or suffer such dog to run at large or to go or be upon the public streets, sidewalks or other public places within the Township unless said dog shall be on a leash and in the custody of some person or persons capable of controlling such dog.

82-18 Removal of dog feces.
No person owning, harboring, keeping or in charge of any dog shall permit, cause or suffer such dog to soil, defile or defecate on any common thoroughfare, sidewalk, street, passageway, bypath, play area, park or any place where people congregate or walk, or upon any public property whatsoever, or upon any private property without the permission of the owner of said property. The foregoing restriction shall not apply to that portion of the street lying between the curb lines, or the sides of the street bed if there are no curb lines, provided that:

The person with and in charge of such dog shall immediately remove all feces deposited by such dog by any sanitary means approved by the Township Health Department.

The feces removed from the aforementioned designated area shall be disposed of by the person owning, harboring, keeping or in charge of such dog in a sanitary manner approved by the Township Health Department.

82-2 Annual license and registration tag required.
Any person who shall own, keep or harbor a dog of licensing age in the Township shall annually apply for and procure from the Health Department a license and official metal registration tag for each such dog so owned, kept or harbored and shall place upon each such dog a collar or harness with the registration tag securely fastened thereto. All dogs shall have valid, current rabies vaccination in order to apply for Township license.

Please view full Montclair Township Ordinance on Dogs at

We appreciate everyone’s cooperation.