Ordinances for Second Reading on June 9


The ordinances below were introduced at the May 19, 2020 Township Council meeting. They are up for a second reading at the June 9, 2020 Council Meeting

O-20-09 Parking Utility - Fully Funded Capital Ordinance
O-20-10 Fully Funded Capital Ordinance Sewer Utility
O-20-11 Fully Funded Capital Ordinance Water Utility
O-20-12 Bond Ordinance for General BOE Improvements
O-20-13 Bond Ordinance for Buzz Aldrin Improvements
O-20-14 Bond Ordinance General Twp Improvements
O-20-15 CWA Supervisory Unit 2020-2026 Salary Ordinance
O-20-16 CWA NonSupervisory Unit 2020-2026 Salary Ordinance
O-20-17 FSOA 2021-2027 Salary Ordinance
O-20-18 FMBA 2021-2027 Salary Ordinance