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Montclair Township

Township Creates Special Needs Registry

The township Committee for People with Disabilities and the Montclair Police Department have established a registry for residents with special needs. The committee designed a special needs questionnaire for residents to register themselves or family members who may require special attention in the event of an emergency. The information provided will be maintained in a Police Department database.

“When we consider the events surrounding hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the Police database could be a lifeline for special needs residents by letting emergency crews know in advance what the particular requirements may be for certain individuals in the community,” said Susan Irby, chairperson of the Committee for People with Disabilities. “For instance, a person who is elderly, blind, confined to a wheelchair or developmentally disabled can be registered; then, in the event of an emergency, response teams from EMS, Police and Fire, will be able to better prepare to respond appropriately and quickly to those special needs,” said Irby.

Entries to the database will be made by the Police Department and will be held in strictest confidence.

To register, download a Special Needs Questionnaire, fill out and mail to:

Montclair Police Department
647 Bloomfield Avenue
Montclair, NJ 07042

ATT: Lt. Kenneth Miscia

Printed forms can be obtained at the Division of Social Services, third Floor, 205 Claremont Avenue.